Business approach

„Business Transformation“ is required when a company has to change its strategic positioning as well as its value chain, processes and organization fundamentally in a short time frame. It should not be confused with restructuring measures such as cost cutting or revenue push projects. The idea is rather to transform and occasionally re-invent existing business models.

Nowadays, driving forces behind Business Transformation are especially the:
  • triumphant success of IP technology and Internet
  • IT-driven data explosion in enterprise environments
  • globalization of value chains

BTS‘' competence profile mirrors these drivers:
  • Strategy development in IP-/ Internet and/or analytics driven business models - from online content and advertising over e-Commerce to asset management solutions
  • Business Intelligence/ analytics – from analytical CRM over innovative targeting-, media monitoring and advanced planning to data generation and monetization strategies
  • Organizational productivity - process optimization through use of modern collaboration systems (ideally integrated analytics)
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing - from supplier identification and selection to management of outsourcing in Southeast Asia (especially Philippines in view of BTS’ presence there)