BTS stands for Business Transformation Services. As a management consulting company with HQ in Berlin, Germany, and a branch in Manila, Philippines, we focus on industries and business functions which  face disruptive, Internet driven change. We support our clients  in strategy building as well as in operational execution. In our strategy projects we mainly deal with clients from the so called TIMES markets (Telecommunication, IT, Multimedia, Entertainment). Our mission here is to bridge the gap between Business Planning and proper technical product unterstanding. Many incumbents in these markets  have difficulties  to cope with the challenges of the IP technology and its effects. At the same time many innovative startups lack domain expertise and – due to their often unexperienced management team – business process understanding. BTS helps both client groups to overcome these existential challenges.

Functionally, BTS focuses on marketing and sales. The days where non-quantitative decision making  has made these disciplines an experience driven art are almost over. We help companies to modernize these functions by leveraging latest Business Intelligence methods as well Internet technologies.

Dr. Abdi Scheybani is the founder and managing director of BTS GmbH. He is also the author of most of the posts. He has an extensive top management consulting background (with A.T. Kearney) and a strong foothold in the Business Intelligence and Internet technology scene.

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